Have You Heard The Buzz?

Seriously kind words. My heart feels swoony.

“Syndee, you are truly a gift on this planet. Since starting weekly sessions with you 9 months ago, I’ve done what seemed impossible. I’ve completely shifted the direction of my life. I got married and moved to a city that has the community and resources to support my growth and vitality. I’m beginning to align with what I truly want in my work, and I’m taking better care of myself on all levels. You continuously assist me in finding the clarity and developing the strength to make incremental shifts that translate into big change. You are sooooooo freaking off-the-hook inspiring” – Meghan Morris


“Syndee, you’re a great role model and teacher. Your guidance has changed my life. You’re helping me get clear about where I’m at. This clarity enables me to do things I never thought I could do. I got married, I’m starting a business, I feel much more balanced, and womanhood feels so right. For all of that – I’m really grateful!” – Martina Feer


samheadshot1I have no idea how different my life would be or how long it would’ve taken me to get where I am without Syndee. Before we started working together the challenges of my relationship seemed insurmountable, I was unemployed and listless and I felt vulnerable about having to reveal parts of myself in order to get help. Now I’m happily married to the same woman I was so challenged by, I’ve created a dream job for myself, and I have discovered a consistent source of energy within myself. My favorite part about working with Syndee is how genuinely behind me she is. I always leave my session knowing exactly what to do in order to meet my current challenges. If you’re serious about growing and tapping your potential and can handle honesty, Syndee is your greatest ally! – Sam Morris


“I came to Syndee because I was feeling very low and alone. I wanted to center myself and get back to good energy. Working with her was enlightening. She is very open and supportive and guided me into a place I wouldn’t think to go on my own. I’m more aware of the energies around me and in others and how they are shifting. I’m softening my defenses and learning to let people be who they are; realizing we all just want acceptance and love.” – Donna McGovern


“Syndee’s ability to listen to the whole person is why she’s successful in her business and in her life. There’s no assembly line going on here. She’s very tuned into a person’s energy both physical and personal. She’s one of the most non-judgmental people you will ever meet and she wants you to become the best ‘you’ possible.” – Glen Sobel, Drummer for Alice Cooper


“After just one session with Syndee, I experienced a massive shift in perception surrounding everything under the sun – life, love, business, relationships.I have never had such a powerful experience virtually and am sincerely grateful for her entering my life.” – Ashley Taylor


Studio_Session_119 Crop“In one of our sessions I was lamenting that I didn’t know how to have a grown up relationship. Syndee said, “No one does, you figure it out as you go”. Up until then I had always thought that I was missing some part of the relationship puzzle and that that I did not know the secret for having a loving, supportive relationship. This simple truth freed me from that fear that “there is something wrong with me”. I now get that I don’t have to stop and put my desires on hold until I think I have the perfect answer or be the perfect anything! I was nervous and little fearful that I wouldn’t be strong enough to deal with the truths I would be discovering about myself, but with Syndee, I get a meaningful, totally non-judgmental perspective that moves me forward!”
– Fiona Jefferies


“Ummmm, you’re awesome. I love you. Thank you for reminding me to be an artist and let myself go where things are a lot less structured, predictable and clear cut. I appreciate it… wow. You’ve got me diggin’ deep, that’s for sure… pun intended. Now if you’ll excuse me… I have some molds to bust out of!” – Jeffrey Shipley, Photographer + Designer


Profile - Wedding Day (square)“What I love about Syndee is that she’s not afraid of my silence, she’s down to earth, and I feel free to express myself without concern of judgement. The golden nugget I’m taking away with me is that there is no right way to do things. Whatever I need to do is what I need to do.” – Brit Hanson, Virtual Storyteller


“Conversation of my life (thus far). WIDE Open. & I have never felt more honored to be a woman. Thank you, Syndee!” – Jenysha Polk


“Syndee, you are like bright warm sunshine, swirling powerful oceans, and solid grounded earth all wrapped into one radiant woman! When I am with you I feel so much space ~ space and encouragementto break through any patterns, habits or dysfunctions, and to SHINE fully! You inspire and guide me to new depths of truth and new heights of vision and clarity. Thank you for being YOU and inspiring me to be ME! You are Truth’s midwife.” – Tierra Presley


“I started working with Syndee after my third open heart surgery. From the moment I met her, I felt like Syndee REALLY knew me. Her endless compassion and wisdom create an environment that makes me feel safe and it’s easy to navigate through my feelings and get to the core of what is going on. She is helping me love and accept myself, discover who I really am, and find out what I am meant to share with the world. I love it! Syndee provides insights about the people close to me, which helps me understand them and my relationships with them. She has given me magnificent tools that create real results. Syndee’s energy and zest for life is truly contagious. Every time I work with her I get more excited about who she has helped me realize I am. I would highly recommend her to any and all who really want to know themselves, become the best version of who they truly are, and are ready to start living the best life filled with an abundance of love. She is an amazing cheerleader I can always count on her to be in my corner cheering me on!” – Gina Sulme, Public Relations


“Syndee meets me wherever I’m at, at every level that I’m at, and senses what’s going on before I open my mouth. I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about what’s happening. It’s like she has extrasensory perception and just knows if I’m angry or sad and asks me about it directly. That always makes me feel good because I know she’s right here with me, tuned into me. There is no wasted time. It’s not like we finally get to the heart of what’s going on at the end of the session. We are out of the gate with it. It’s like she can feel me as much as she can hear me, it’s like a double language. I can feel what’s going on but it’s hard for me to language it. Syndee helps me find my words and she helps me expand myself.” – Mike Apidgian, Actor + Vibrational Sound Healer


“I love you, Syndee! You’re such an authentic, genuine person with a massive heartspace. I love being in your presence because you’re both light and deep all at once and I find I feel a heightened sense of my own inner expansiveness. You’re deeply honest and both reflect and hold the space for deep healing and self-understanding to occur.” – Vicki Beven, Acupuncturist


“Syndee’s coaching invites me into myself. Her gentle, accepting style is unobtrusive, yet she speaks out what she sees and challenges me to be even more honest with myself. Her commitment to me as a client is to guide me into who I am right now, to clarify who I am not, and to remind me that I actually know the answers to these questions inside myself.” – Bronwyn G.


“Syndee never ceases to amaze me with the grace and integrity she imbues into everything she does. Over the last year, she’s shared with me time and again, an incredibly wholesome and wise view of the world. I don’t know anyone else who embodies those two characteristics in such a unique way. Syndee’s life experience has shown her what the world has to offer — both good and bad — and she has chosen to be the amazing and kind person she is. Every time we speak I’m grateful to hear her worldly perspective because she always leaves me a nugget to help move my own thinking a bit closer to where I want it to be.” – Alexandra E., Fortune 500 Sales Rep.


“Syndee… I’ve watched her have meetings (lying under a trampoline), I’ve smelled roses cut from the garden (with her at the dinner table), and I’ve danced with her on top of a (covered) pool… experiencing her bodywork is like all of these things put together – witnessing a way to be grounded while being taken on an adventure in the senses, all the while dancing with what’s possible.” – Elizabeth Yng-Wong, Producer + Filmmaker


“Syndee is the ultimate technician in what she’s doing, but her work never feels mechanical. She’s constantly adjusting to where I am TODAY. I get to feel myself in ways I’ve never done so before. I’m exploring and creating a map like I’m some kind of pioneer. She is a natural. She reaches all sorts of nooks and crannies in me that no one else reaches. Syndee is always in the zone and learning more, and I feel it rub off on me.” – Michael Surrago, Tutor + Mentor


“Syndee’s compassionate nature and intuition allow her to see people deeply and quickly. At the same time, her integrity and years of experience create a calm and safe environment for working through blockages. Syndee has a great gift for healing and a profound desire to be of service to those she touches. Our conversations and sessions always leave me thoughtful, calm, and grounded, no matter what state I arrive in. Syndee truly has the capacity and desire to help people transcend and transform.” – Andrea Moore, Musicologist + Percussionist


“Syndee is amazing! The only way I know how to describe what she does is to say that she communicates directly with your body. Somehow she intuitively understands why you are suffering and knows how to create resolution. I absolutely swear by her!” – Nicole Katz, Publisher


“At first I was worried I wouldn’t have enough issues to cover the whole 10 sessions, but that was not the case. Syndee’s consistent enthusiasm and genuine care for my wellbeing created a safe space for me to explore my relationship to relationships. I’m now able to remain calm (most of the time) in situations that use to freak or stress me out, and the relationships I have with myself, colleagues and family are positive. I recommend Syndee to any of my friends who are having relationship issues, but I warn them first. Peeps need to be prepared to undergo change in your life if you work with Syndee!” – A.L.