Strive for What's Deep Inside

A guest post by seeker of badassery, Marcella Chamorro.

au·then·tic / [aw-then-tik] adjective

1. not false or copied; genuine; real
2. having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence

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When I think of authenticity, what first comes to mind is an envelope enclosed with seal of red wax. I think of notaries and documents, but I hardly ever think of myself.

Since I was young, I have been told to strive to fit in. The mold I”ve been told to fit changes over time. In pre-school, I should not have cried. In high school, I should have been friendly with the popular crowd. In college, I should have groomed myself to get a job. In my twenties, I should steer relationships toward marriage. And the list goes on and on, morphing, twisting, and turning us into spirals of what I should be — all to achieve some predetermined reward.
But guess what? Letting my true self shine has granted me even larger rewards.
Instead of aiming for what others steer us toward, we can all aim for that what feels right deep inside.
We have all something churning around that wants to be set free — creativity, words, a new business, a simmering love, and more. Chances are you know exactly what I”m talking about. You probably know a few things you want to try, but you haven”t yet allowed yourself to start.
If you don”t try these things, are you being truly authentic?
What exactly is holding you back? Most times, our desire to fit in inherently hinders our creativity and ability to even let ourselves think about the possibilities churning deep within. What if you did? What if you allowed yourself the space to think about what you dream about doing (even if it may seem crazy to someone else)?
Do me a favor. Take out a piece of paper, and make two columns. In the left column, write down a list of all of the dreams and goals you can think of. In the right column, next to each dream, write down the one single thing you can do today to achieve that dream. Don”t cheat — just one, and keep it simple!
Congratulations! By allowing yourself to strive for what”s deep inside (who you really are), you”re one step closer to being the most authentic version of yourself.
Marcella Chamorro just released her first book, titled . She is a blogger, speaker, and consultant based in Managua, Nicaragua. Her work focuses on helping companies and professional individuals extend their brands to the digital space. She spends her free time in the gym or running, which is how she gets her best ideas.


  1. Thank you for sharing yourself, Marcella! It’s a pleasure to have you as a guest at Deeper Ground!!!

  2. yourgreatlifetv says:

    Love to see my friends @Syndee_Stein + @marcinator collaborating! Authenticity isn’t about a seal of approval. –>

  3. Marcella, I love what you wrote today and I am so happy to know that you are living proof that going after your dreams is our duty to ourselves and to the world. Getting to know you has been such an honor and I am so excited about all the possibilities that will unfold in your life and in  the world around you. And Syndee I Adore you!
    -Love to both

  4. Syndee_Stein says:

    @EnsoJourney Thanks for the RT Alejandro!!!!!!!! Hope your day was insanely awesome!!!!

  5. EnsoJourney says:

    @Syndee_Stein so far it has been nice, but my web host is killing us with downtime right now…

  6. Syndee_Stein says:

    @EnsoJourney Rough!!! You need a web host whisperer!

  7. marcinator1 says:

    @yourgreatlifetv Thank you! Living the dream takes risks…but life has a way of taking care of those who make that jump, right? Nobody else to be but YOURSELF. Lucky me, everyone who is sincere and authentic is AMAZINGLY wonderful, like you. Gran beso!

  8. marcinator1 says:

    @Syndee_Stein Always a blast with you. Loved how gently you guided me to a much better post. Feedback brownie points to you!

  9.  @marcinator1  My pleasure 🙂 I fancy myself a trail guide, so it’s nice to know it is working! Xo

  10. Danielle Cara says:

    Okay, I have to say —
    **I LOVE* love *LOVE* how your website’s postings just happen to allign with the patterns in my life in those very moments.
    Right now I am mulling some ideas of what to do, specifically, what to I can do professionally that can also be personally fulfulling to me. And you know what? It’s such a struggle to corelate those items of most importance in any given moment.
    For this simple posting from your guest today, I say thanks (Muchas Gracias!)

  11.  @Danielle Cara I love that you keep visiting Deeper Ground and finding value!!! Finding a way to money in a way that feels in integrity with one’s values is a wonderful thing. Cheering you on in your discovery, Danielle!

  12. marcinator1 says:

     @Danielle Cara There’s a very interesting concept I just happened to stumble upon across the interwebs lately that totally encapsulated what I’ve been striving for lately … CURIOSITY + CHOICE. Young children are so curious about everything…why do we lose that growing up? Instead, when possible, I try to pay attention to the things I am innately curious about (usually things I am passionate about), and then I try to consciously choose to purse it for some time to see what works & what doesn’t. That has helped guide me lately… What’s working for you?

  13. Danielle Cara says:

     I’m also a very curious and passionate person by nature. So, when I get an interest in something, I find that I exhaust it completely until I either no longer have much interest in it or it catapults me (almost literally sometimes!) in another direction or towards deeper core studies of the matter.
    I read, research, paint and consume almost in that order. I love to learn and I love to learn from others. I’ve found that this interaction is crucial in developing deeper connections with not only the subject matter but also very much how we “nest” in that subject matter. 
    Thanks for your responses Marcella and Syndee! I’ll be back. You both have fans!

  14. Danielle Cara says:

     Rather…duh, a fan in me.

  15. that’s inspiring thank you : )

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