Hey there, I’m Syndee,

Say it with me now, Syn-dee… yes!
It makes my heart swell, my cells buzz + my feet tingle to have you here!

At 32 I can honestly say that my life rocks! I have the most fulfilling job in the universe (for me), I have stellar relationships with everyone in my family, and I’m married to a most righteous n’ rockin’ man whose solidity + constant love is an anchor + a gift. Honestly, life just keeps getting better.

It wasn’t always this way.

I’ve been to hell + back and thankfully the worst of it seems like a past life at this point. Seriously, having spent my teens in a terrified stupor and a chunk of my 20s in an abusive relationship with a man who developed adult onset schizophrenia, seems just about as real to me as having been a mermaid in the North Sea. What I do remember vividly are the lessons I’ve learned + the tools that got me from hellacious there to ridiculously awesome here.

Life didn’t just magically get awesome.

I worked at it with ferocity, like my life depended on it, because the truth is, it did. Once I got off the path of the living dead and the pieces of my grounded, sustainable, self-respecting, and insanely fun life started falling together, I didn’t dim down my hunger for growth and transformation. I’m still ravenous for life, and I bring my fullness to everything I do. I’m all about riding my learning edge and discovering who I really am underneath all the snake skins that are ready for shedding. I use everything I learn and everything I know, in the bounds of my belly and the buzz of my bones, as a compass, guiding me always home to the deeper ground of my being. It rocks my universe to guide you home to yours!

The bottom line is…

I’ve got a mother lode of lived experience, a bucket full of training, mega intuition + a whole lot of salves I can whip out when you skin your knees. Plus I spend 40 hours a month with my mentor getting my blind-spots pointed out, my life surfing skills updated + my self-love-o-meter tuned. I walk my talk. My life is living proof. This stuff works!

I have a BA in Holistic Health, Nutrition + Dance, a Masters in Communications and Indigenous Studies, I’m a certified Herbalist and I’ve been a student of the Healing Arts for 15 years. My training includes Cranial-Sacral Unwinding, Polarity Therapy, Sensation Tracking, Sensory Re-patterning, Reiki, Somatic Movement Therapy, and I’m a Certified Massage Therapist. I lived in Western Australia for 6 years where I taught movement and holistic lifestyle programs, built my bodywork practice and inherited one of the best dogs ever to roam planet earth, Balya or ‘B’ for short.

This stuff is learnable and I can teach you!
So what are you waiting for? Check out my crazy fun, super grounding, life transforming programs!

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