Welcome to Deeper Ground!

I’m Syndee, your rocket-fueled trail guide for your journey into vibrant health, rockin’ relationships, and a fully flowing, ridiculously empowered you!

I can absolutely, 100%, no if-ands-or-buts about it, assist you to:

• Remember who you are and why you’re here

• Love and like yourself through every cell in your entire body

Recognize your unique strengths and gifts

• Build an awesome life that’s a perfect fit for you

• Create healthy, thriving relationships

• Enjoy radiant, abounding health

Unwind physical pain and emotional trauma

• Uncover and uproot thoughts and habits that keep you stuck

• Be at home inside of yourself no matter who you’re with and where you’re at

• Transform anxiety, panic, confusion, anger, sadness and joy into rocket fuel

• Be a force of light in your family, your community and the world

This is like Life Coaching, right?

Deeper Ground takes you way beyond any Life Coaching program I’ve ever come across. Mindset training, perception expansion + mental strategizing are important skills, but unless they are integrated in your body, lasting change just doesn’t happen. In addition to teaching you cutting-edge mental skills, I also train you in the physical mechanics needed to embody your goals and bring them into reality.

The catch is… and yes, there usually is a catch…

I can’t promise that all your problems will be solved and that you’ll experience everlasting peace and prosperity in 3 days flat – or 2 weeks, 6 months, 4 years, or 7 lifetimes. And anyone who says they can is lying!

How long anything in your life takes depends on you.

Not on your will power, the positive thinking techniques you employ, nor the speed of your scurrying, but on the quality of your movement and the fortitude of your commitment to your growth.

Commitment is the key that unlocks the door to your freedom.

I am 100% committed to teaching you how to find the door + walk through it!

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