I’m all about creating an experience that fits your unique physical, mental and emotional needs in the moment. I don’t box myself into using ‘this kind of technique’ or ‘that kind’ because you’re different today than you were yesterday. No one is wired exactly like you are. No one has the same fingerprint as you. You’re one of a kind, and so are these soul soothing bodywork sessions.

Unwind + Re-Align

90 rejuvenating minutes of insanely delicious body, mind and spirit balancing

Put on some comfy clothes, come to my studio, and lay down on my table.

I will:
Do some crazy magical stuff that makes no sense to your conscious mind but totally makes sense to your body. I listen… with my hands… my energy field… my intuition. Then I rock, wiggle, press, pull, shake, twist, turn, coil, and uncoil you. Sometimes I just have you breath and tell you all the things the universe is telling me about you. Then I’ll give you some homework… easy homework, like 2 minutes a day homework that if you do it, will change your life!

The Pros:
Your nervous system will get reset to chill, breathe, digest, dream, create, inspire, love, heal, laugh, learn, play, enjoy, relate. Your bones will return to their natural alignment. Not because I crack and pop you, because your muscles will chill the f*^% out and stop pulling them out of place. Your joints will get all juiced and lubricated. You’ll be super relaxed, uber rejuvenated, and you’ll feel all gathered and at home in yourself where you belong. Ah, heaven!

The Cons:
You have to be local + you’ll soooo want more.
(Not to worry, I’ve created some super moola saving packages for all you relaxation junkies.)

How it Works:

Buy your session. You’ll get a link to an intake form in your inbox.
Fill it out. I’ll send you a list of my available slots. Pick one. We’re good to go.

If we’ve never worked together just buy one!
If we both dig the vibe, buy packages.
They’ll save you big buckaroos!

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