Up-skill For Real

In 90 supersonic minutes, in person or via skype, we’ll jam about what’s up in your life. You’ll tell me what you’re totally jazzed about + what’s just not flowing and feeling solid. Whether we talk about you, your relationships, or your work, you’ll walk away with deep insights (like canyon deep) about yourself and the people in your world. You’ll be fully loaded with tools you can start applying right away. Results are inevitable!

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Unwind & Re-Align

These 90 rejuvenating minutes of insanely delicious body, mind and spirit balancing will seriously rock your universe. Bodywork will re-set your nervous system to chill, breathe, digest, dream, create, inspire, love, heal, laugh, learn, play, enjoy, relate. Your bones will return to their natural alignment, your joints will get all juiced and lubricated, and you’ll be super relaxed and feel all gathered and at home in yourself where you belong. Ah, heaven! The downside is you’ve gotta be in Los Angeles.

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Receive, Transform & Inspire

These movement classes for women will teach you the mechanics of being in relationship with yourself, other women, and with men. Receptivity is the most important tool you have access to as a woman. It is the headwaters of your vital energy. Without the full fluidity of your receptive nature undammed and flowing, you’re running on fumes and sheer will. Ragged. Dry. Worn. In these two expansive hours, you will have the time and space to unwind, explore your rhythm, and re-discover your deepest, most vibrant self so you can bring YOU to your relationships.

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